Welcome to Pipers.

We are a specialist firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys with offices in New Zealand and Australia, and strong relationships with intellectual property professionals in all other jurisdictions.

We have expertise in all areas of intellectual property law and practice and we offer a personal, down-to-earth service, where our attorneys are approachable and readily available to provide assistance.  We are strongly committed to our clients and to forming enduring professional relationships.

We offer new clients a first meeting free of charge, which enables you to obtain some good basic knowledge about IP and to decide on what course of action is best for you without the fear of incurring a fee.

Australia and New Zealand are now transitioning away from their respective strongest implementations of lockdown measures in response to the COVID-19 situation. Throughout the various stages of lockdown Pipers IP remains fully operational across our offices in Australia and New Zealand. Our teams have been working remotely and are fully capable of providing uninterrupted delivery of our services.

Where possible we ask that all correspondence is electronic during this time.

Please also note that both IPONZ and IP Australia are also continuing their operations – in the most part through remote access to their platforms. IPONZ has indicated that if it can be shown that a deadline was not met on account of the COVID-19 situation then that will be taken into consideration in determining whether to grant a request for an extension of time. The final determination, though, will be on a case-by-case basis. Until 31st July 2020 IPONZ was automatically extending some deadlines at the beginning of the week in which they were due. Until 31st March 2021 IP Australia provided (repeatable) 3-month extensions of time when requested via eServices, although this did not apply to renewals. However, there is a six-month grace period for renewals and IP Australia will waive the late fee. From 1st April 2021 IP Australia considers requests for extensions of time on a case-by-case basis. Check here for further details.

Live updates regarding the operational status of IP Offices on account of COVID-19 and associated indications of whether extensions of time might be available can be found here and also here.

Insights into patenting activity made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on the EPO 'Fighting Coronavirus' platform.